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A non-melting, waterproof grease fortified with PTFE. It forms a durable film to withstand daily equipment washdowns. Meets the NSF H-1 rating for incidental food contact. It is designed specifically to lubricate, seal out water, and resist chemical attack under the most demanding conditions. With its excellent film strength and extreme pressure qualities, it forms a tough, durable film of lubrication that prevents metal to metal contact. Apply as a lubricant on slides, guides, chains, conveyors, and other transfer equipment found in food, beverage, meat, dairy, and marine processing plants.

A high purity complex white grease with superior heavy-duty metal to metal characteristics. Excellent for high load applications requiring a long grease life. Resists water and heat. Provides rust corrosion protection and superior lubrication to a wide variety of applications. Wide temperature range of -40°F to +550°F. For use on chains, winches, conveyors, gears, cables, hinges, pins, levers, rollers, ovens, dryers, threads, bearings, o-rings, linkages, pumps and valves. For use by bakeries, bottlers, breweries, canneries, dairies, egg processors, meat and poultry processors, pharmaceutical manufacturers and food processing and packaging plants. NSF Registered for H1.

A multi-purpose lithium complex lubricant, penetrant and rust preventative that changes from a fluid to become a tough, protective grease in minutes. Ideal for hard to reach areas on all door hardware and operator drive mechanisms. Once grease has set up it will outlast any regular oil or silicone. For use on machinery, conveyors, chains, cables, gears, winches, tools, rollers, springs, hinges, operators and rollers. Areas of use include farms, oil rigs and refineries, bottling plants, dairies, paper mills, cotton gins, air conditioning, industrial plants, textile plants, lumber mills, cement plants and automotive/motorcycle/marine repair. 50 state VOC compliant.

A highly-concentrated, all-purpose, heavy-duty spray for anything that squeaks, sticks or rusts. It leaves a long-lasting film with excellent resistance to heat. Will not wash away, run off or dry out. It is especially useful in the marine, automotive, glass & mirror, graphic arts, hardware and industrial maintenance trades. Use on cams and slides, chains and couplings, plain bearings, small open gears, fork lift truck masts or anywhere that metal meets metal. It can be used on car or truck accelerator linkages, bearings, brakes, service linkages, radio antennae, cams, gears, hinges, hood locks, door locks and all body hardware. Other uses include windows, garage doors, faucets, lawn mowers, bicycles, toys, garden and household tools, fishing reels, guns, filing cabinets, office equipment.

Sprays as a deep penetrating liquid that flows into areas which are difficult to lubricate. Then, as the solvent carrier evaporates, the liquid forms into a grease that is resistant to high temperature and pressure. After setting up, the grease will not wash away with water or steam and will resist throw-off and heavy shock load. Withstands acid, salt spray and oxidation. Use on wire rope, open gears, linkages, draglines, fittings, winches, cranes, cams, valves, cables, hoists, pulleys and rollers.

An ultra polymer structured white food grade grease with outstanding load carrying ability and superior high temperature resistance. Protects against rust, oxidation and wear and resists water and steam washout. Provides excellent adhesion and resists throw off. This product is acceptable as a lubricant with incidental food contact for use in and around food processing areas. NSF Registered for H1.

Special penetrating, lithium-based formula that sprays as a liquid to flush off old contaminated lubricant, creep deeply into working parts, and then set up to a viscous, thick grease. Withstands temperatures up to 500°F. Highly resistant to water, acid and detergent wash. For use on gears, valves, winches, conveyors, linkages, and hoists.

All weather, heavy duty, multi-purpose, penetrating grease. Sprays as a liquid, creeps to lubrication point like an oil, then cures to a thick, water-resistant grease. Provides non-staining lubrication that guards surfaces against rust and corrosion. Heat stable to 350°F. Includes extension tubes for easier application to remote areas.

A multi-purpose lubricant that provides extra protection under extreme pressures. It maintains constant viscosity over a wide range of temperatures. Sprays like a liquid and sets quickly to a grease. Prevents rust. Holds up under extreme pressures and high shock loads. Temperature range -40°F to +575°F. Resists water and even steam washout. Red color is easy to identify.

A multi-purpose lithium lubricant. It contains zinc oxide in a fine micron particle size and a high viscosity index oil which adds to the lubricity of the product and also acts as a corrosion inhibitor. Sprays as a liquid, quickly air cures to a thick grease. Resists water washout. Prevents rust and corrosion. Outstanding tenacity, clings to metal and will not run. For use on automotive hinges and springs, industrial machinery and tools, marine linkages and cables, and farm machinery.