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Oven & Grill Cleaners

Heavy foam cleaner that clings to oven surfaces and allows extended time to cut through baked-on food, grease, and carbon. Cleans most soils without scrubbing. Citrus fortified to improve cleaning power and mask necessary caustic additives. Effective on cold ovens or even faster on preheated ovens to 200°F. NSF Registered for A8.

Industrial strength, caustic-based oven cleaner formulated to clean stubborn, baked-on grease, grime, carbon build-up, soot, and spills. Fast, clean, and effective application for daytime or overnight cleaning. Simply spray on warm or cold ovens and wipe clean. Leaves surfaces sparkling clean without scouring or harsh fumes.

A potassium hydroxide based product designed to clean ovens, non-aluminum grills, cooking pots and pans. This clinging gel formulation adheres to all surfaces without running, insuring complete penetration and cleaning of cooking surfaces. It will restore surfaces to their original shine. This product removes even the most stubborn cooked on food, grease, oil or stains. Has a pleasant citrus fragrance and can be used on both hot or cold ovens.

A heavy-duty formulation that works on grease, caked-on foods and other cooking soils. For daytime application or overnight cleaning. This formula penetrates, emulsifies and holds the soils so you can wipe the surface clean with water. The thick gel clings to vertical surfaces - no running, no dripping. This product is safe and effective for use on porcelain, glass, ceramics, stainless steel and cast iron surfaces. Excellent for cleaning grills, rotisseries, stove burners, electric fry pans and other cookware that is resistant to caustics. Keep spray or drippings away from the pilot lights, electrical connections, switches, receptacles, thermostats, heating elements, light bulbs, and other surfaces which might be affected by caustics. NSF Registered for A8.